Slow & Steady wins the race

John was not surprised at Judith, but he was surprised at how excited Max was. John stepped in when Judith stopped to take a breath. " Those tracks mean at the very least they have native helpers. We're going to take things slowly, even if you see somebody you recognize. We don't want anybody to be surprised and get hurt. " After a brief moment of silence when Judith and Max stared at each other, they agreed.

" First off, let's stock up on water bottles & protein bars. It'll be humid and who knows how long the journey will take. " The trio finish off a water bottle & a protein bar each. Judith & Max at the same time said; " I'm ready! " They started following the trail.

About an hour later, Max & Judith noticed that they were being followed. When they mentioned to John, he gave a slight smell; " I noticed him about a half hour ago. I didn't say anything because he didn't change the distance between us. "

At dusk they came across another cave with blankets against one wall. With the coming of night they stopped for the night. After they finished a water bottle and a protein bar they fell into a deep sleep.

Max dreamed of finding his parents. Judith dreamed of finding Maddie. John dreamed about making military plans about raids.

They woke up to a bight sun. Judith & Max quickly finished their breakfast because they wanted to keep John happy. After finishing their breakfast and cleaning up after themselves, they started in their way. Ten minutes later, the tracks came on a cave entrance.

Once they came upon the cave entrance; they saw bright light into the cave and the sounds of a camp town. Remembering John's warning, they moved slowly. When they exited the cave, they came upon a ledge with many tents and shelters below them.

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