"How odd!" said Judith, looking at all the tents. They seemed to be manned by these small, green, lizardy creatures, about half the height of an average-sized Human. Many of them were moving about between the tents. This was a busy marketplace.

There was confusion about what to do, but Judith plucked up the courage to move forward.

John had his gun out, and Judith very calmly asked him to put it away. "These people might not be our enemy. Let's not start a fight just yet."

They went down a ramp into the bustling marketplace, and approached the first tent.

"You strange looking!" Said the man when Judith approached. "But no matter. Wanna trade?"
The creature pointed to his stall where he had all sorts of fresh fruit.

"Oh I'm famished. Fruit would be lovely!" she said, picking one up. It looked delicious.

The lizard man tapped her hand. "You trade?" he asked.

"I... only have one protein bar left."

The lizard snatched it away, and gave them a fruit each.

"We're here because we want to find the owner of this backpack. Do you have any information?" Judith said slowly, and pointing at the bag.

The lizard man nodded. "You trade?" he asked.

Judith looked at the others. "Do we have anything to trade?" she asked.

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