With John forcing them to eat protein bars and staying hydrated, Max was feeling stronger than he had been since they'd arrived.

He followed John and Judith to try to find her friend Maddie without a word about his parents. Although he couldn't stop thinking about them, he didn't feel so much anxiety about finding them now. He wasn't sure what he had seen - it could have been a hallucination. But he didn't think that it was. It felt real and they told him how parents were alive. He had to believe it was real.

When they arrived at the tent market, Max was relieved that John gave him something to do before descending with them into the bustle. It was crowded and Max didn't like crowds. He raised his rifle scope and started looking around to see if he could spot anything; but his eyes would not focus.

We will help you Max heard in his head. It was the voice of one of the beings he'd seen. He brought the score down and closed his eyes.

Find the aggressors said another of the voices.

Max opened his eyes and everything had changed. He didn't see tents or the good that were on display. He only saw life forms. The quick moving lizard people running around glowed green. John and Judith were Yellow not too far away. Then, past the ocean of green, Max saw a small group of red bodies. They were definitely human; but Max got a feeling of deep fear just looking at them. So these are the aggressors he thought.

Max focused on the red bodies until he could see the objects around them take shape. One was holding an object in his hand and the others all said back. It seemed like he was describing it to a vendor. Either here was planning to trade it, or he was looking for more of them. Max hadn't seen the device that John and Judith said they'd found on a creature; but he was somehow sure this was it.

Max's vision returned to normal as soon as he's made this realization. He ran to where John and Judith were standing with a lizard man. He wasn't sure he could trust all the listening ears.

Max pulled John down by the shoulder and whispered in his ear before turning and doing the same in Judith's ear - luckily they were closer to the same height.

"There are other people here." Max said. "They are at the far end of the market. I can't explain why I know; but these are bad people. Really bad people. They are dangerous, but we need to do something now before they kill more."

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