Here we go

John froze for a quick second as he heard Max; " Lead on, Max! " as he removed his rifle from his back. Max was running in the direction he was talking about with John closely behind him.

After about 200 ft, they came across three strangers and one lizard merchant talking about twenty feet away. Max shouted; " There they are! " One of the strangers was holding a familiar looking box. One of the others took a shot at Max.

John quickly took a shot at the strangers. At the same time there was a loud crash in the distance. The trio looked up to see the largest lizard they ever saw. The crash was because it stepped on a tent.

John quickly showed his experience as a staff Sgt. " Max, spread out and if you can a shot at the strangers TAKE IT!. Judith, warn the others! Lizard breath is mine. "

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