Pandemonium erupted around them as the giant lizard crashed through the marketplace, destroying tents and sending things flying.

As Max and John sprung into action, Judith took cover along with the marketplace seller.

"Why you come here?" The lizard merchant said "You cause this!"

"This totally isn't our fault!" Judith explained, although then did wonder if this really did have something to do with them.

The merchant pointed to the giant creature.

"Gommabovizar isn't like this. It peaceful. Not dangerous."

"Sorry, what?"



"Gommabovizar" the merchant pointed. "Large friendly creature. We use to carry goods. Or ride like train."

Judith looked at the giant creature. If it wasn't violent by nature, someone must be controlling it like before.

She saw that John and Max were shooting the giant creature with no effect.

"Hey Max!" she shouted over. "It must have one of those devices on which controls it. You might be able to shoot that, and it'll stop attacking."

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