Cover Fire

Max didn't hesitate to follow John's instructions and started opening fire at the enemy. The small crew of aggressors were able to duck down behind the merchants tables; but they weren't advancing on Max's position at all.

He took the opportunity to help John with the massive reptilian creature, firing shots in it's direction. It wasn't until Judith called out that Max made the connection. They were controlling the creature.

"John. Let's switch," Max called out. "You take out these assholes. I've got a plan for Liz."

Max shot a few rounds towards the aggressors to keep their heads down while he ran to Judith. "Here, if you're right then I shouldn't need this." He handed how rifle to her "just don't hit John."

Max ran up the steps they'd just descended to get down to the market. The steps went up to a platform where you could either go through the cave to exit the area or take the thin ledge to either side that wrapped around the market.

Max thought about going through the cave.

Then he heard one of the voices in his head again "We will help you" it said.

Max ran down the ledge as fast as he could take himself and leapt onto the giant lizard from above.

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