Using the rifle

Max handed Judith the rifle. "What am I going to do with this? I failed markmanship in basic training-"

But Max didn't stick around to listen, he was already running off.

Amongst the panicked crowd of people, Judith put the rifle to her shoulder and looked down the scope. She could see the 'aggressors' as Max would have known them. They were Humans, which was unexpected to see on a distant alien planet such as this.

The Humans were wearing cloaks, it wasn't obvious if they were wearing the same uniform as her, or had arrived on the planet from the Oswald Rikers.

She couldn't get a clear shot on them, as too many lizard people kept running in front of her.

Not that she was certain she should be shooting them anyway. This entire thing could have been a misunderstanding, and she definitely didn't want to shoot anyone who could help them get off this planet and back home.

Instead she turned the gun into the air and shot upwards. There were a few shocked screams, but mostly everyone went quiet and stopped running.

"Everyone listen up, form an orderly queue and quickly move this way please!" She said, pointing everyone into the same direction away from the rampaging Gommabovizar.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Max jump onto the thing's back. "Oh my gosh, what is that crazy man up to?!"

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