Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Max craned his neck down as he gripped the giant lizard, looking for his friends. A peculiar figure caught his eye. She wasn't evacuating, just screaming. Human, in a bright yellow dress printed with flowers, she just looked so... alive. So out of place in this grim planet. And her dress color Max had never seen since he awoke into this hell. Suddenly, the creature writhed. Distracted, Max couldn't keep a grip and fell with a thud on the ground right next to the creatures foot. Quickly, to keep from getting squished, he pulled himself up with all his might and ran. Strangely, he found himself moving towards that lady from before. He ran up and just stood there for a second as she screamed, unsure of what to do. Finally, he pushed some words out.

"Um... Hi?"

She looked at him and her gaping mouth instantly morphed into a beaming smile. "Oh, finally, someone else!" A crash sound emanated from behind us. She glanced up. Her smile dropped into a nervous grin. "What is that thing!? What's going on!?" Max took a second to process her words and then responded. "It it's normally peaceful but it's being controlled by this device thingy. We're trying to shoot it but it's hard with the thing writing around."

"Oh no oh no. We're all going to die..., "

"Please calm down... Don't worry." Max didn't know what more to say so he decided he should try to take her mind off of this. "What's your full name? What's your job?" He glanced behind him. "Quickly, though."

"Um.... um... Molly Smith. I'm an e-painter."

"Nice name. I'd love to see your stuff."

"Oh, thanks so much. I do realism. And thanks for the compliment. I do find my name quite boring though. Smith is so plain. I'm thinking of adding a middle name to jazz it up."

Max nodded. He needed to get back in the action quick. His friends could only hold everything off for so long. "Um... anyway, gotta go for a sec. Hopefully we can manage to shoot that stupid device."

"Hmm... maybe you don't have to."


"Well, you see, I found this interesting e-book with cool holograms of brain scans it in and I learned that dopamine basically controls you. Maybe we can override it with something that it likes. Maybe food? There's a lot in the market."

"How would we get it to eat it? It's under their control you know."

"We don't. If it just tastes it might work. Just pop it in it's mouth and done."

"Um... are you sure that..."

"Hey, Max! Little help here?" The aggressors were closing in around Max's friends and the beast was getting a bit to near to them for Max's liking. Max sighed. Turning to Molly, he said, "Come with me."

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