Jocelyn looked up at the 3 new towers on the edge of the valley overlooking her village. The 3 new buildings hadn’t long been finished being built, but were already being controversial.

Strange things had been happening in the town lately. First, cattle at least two of the local farms had been found mutilated. Mr Granger the farmer had described one of his best milk cows being “turned inside out”, which couldn’t have been done by any animal that he knew of.

She rode her bike down the road, about to post some letters into Hunter house. Mrs Hunter greeted her at the gate with a difficult smile. After Jocelyn asked her about Mr Hunter, she shook her head. “Still unconscious unfortunately. We still don’t know what came over him. Maybe it was something in the water?”

James Hunter was a gamekeeper, who last week had ran into the village, shouting garbled nonsense, and fired his shotgun upwards, towards the tallest of the towers, then collapsed. He’d been unconscious ever since, but nobody knew why.

Next, Jocelyn rode down the adjacent lane with a parcel to deliver. When the 3 mysterious towers were built, Jocelyn wondered if they’d be Amazon warehouses for storing parcels.

A woman ran out of a house screaming. “My daughter, I can’t find my daughter! She’s disappeared!”
Jocelyn calmed the lady down, and agreed they should contact the major to get a meeting at the town hall to talk about what’s going on.

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