An intruder

“Who wants to come with me?” She asked.
Everyone in the room looked at each other nervously. Nobody wanted to put their hands up, only a few did.

The awkward moment was cut short when the door to the town hall burst open, and a figure stormed in.
It was Old James Hunter, the man who’d gone mad last week and walked through the village with his gun, babbling like a lunatic. He’d had a few days rest, but now it appeared he was no better.
“Monsters!” He shouted. Then he raised his shotgun, and aimed at the committee. “You’re all monsters!”

Many people screamed and ducked behind their chairs. Some people closer to him tried to grab the gun off him.
“Monsters in disguise!” he shouted, as the gun was wrestled away from him.

“Monsters from the towers-” His mad calls were cut short as he was knocked out, and he fell to the ground.

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