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Summary: Anarch Biker


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Gender: Male

Age: 57

Group: Vampires

Physical Appearance

Bear is fairly tall at 6'4" he is barrel chested and his arms are covered in tattoos. With a scowl almost always on his face he looks like he wants to pick a fight with anyone and everyone. He has an air of menace around him and people instinctively shy away from him.

Personality and interests

Bear is in it for the thrills, fast bikes, hot women, biggest guns, what ever gives him that next high.


Bear has taken over a biker gang and moves around from city to city causing mischief and mayhem violence, drugs and guns seem to follow him and his crew everywhere.

Favourite Sayings

"Fight me"
"Bring it"
"Two sounds me hitting you, you hitting the floor"


Alertness 1
Athletics 3
Brawl 3
Intimidation 3
Leadership 1
Streetwise 3
Subterfuge 1

Drive 4
Firearms 2
Melee 2
Survival 1

Academics 1
Computer 1
Finance 1
Medicine 1
Science 1


Potence 3
Celerity 1
Presence 1

Tough as Nails
Thick Hide

Obvious Predator

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Image of Bear
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