This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Set in the Old World of Darkness, using the Gothic-Punk theme. Where the world grows ever darker and evil threatens to consume all, Humans rule in this modern age of technology supreme in their knowledge that they are alone and that the supernatural and all that goes bump in the night is nothing but fantasy. But when the sunsets and the chill sets into their bones they know that something in the shadows is watching, waiting and hungry. Will you be a force for change for good or for ill, will you seek to overcome your darker nature or will you be subsumed by the monster within.

Toronto is firmly in the grasp of the Sabbat, as well as major portions of the United States bordering the region. The city still prospers, outing the stereotype of Sabbat cities as crime ridden hellholes of Urban decay to shame. The followers of the Path of Death and the Soul have chosen Toronto as the center of their activity, with the Bleeding Heart Pack even opening communication with Vampire scientists beyond the Sabbat. The Sabbat’s rule is not absolute, pockets of Anarchs exists which range from the disillusioned individuals to the organized groups that are more theoretically and politically adept then other Anarch cells. The Inconnu have a monitor stationed in the city.

Garou / WereWolves
The Vampires do not rule Toronto unchallenged there are two urban Caerns, mostly inhabited and managed by Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers. Both theses septs are multi-tribal and allow visitors being particularly welcoming of packs seeking to battle the Wyrm.

Toronto hosts one of the largest Chantries of the Akachic Brotherhood outside of the Middle Kingdom. All sects of the Tradition are represented in its council. A sizeable population of Wu Lung expatriates entertain an amiable relation with the chantry. The Verbena also have a small presence. The Syndicate is known to have headquarters of one of its largest multi-national gaming corporations, Dominion Consolidated Gaming, Ltd, within the city.

Toronto is part of the Duchy of Bosy Tarn, sworn to the Kingdom of Northern Ice within Concordia. Among the Kithain, the city is famous for its masses of Autumn People on the streets and its smog. Nethertheless, a small Freehold exists near Codsell Avenue. The former Nunnehi place has a small motley of Childlings called the “Gangsters” and is connected to a Trod n whom objects that people have lost can appear. A single Grump, an exiled Sidhe of House Laim makes his residence near the Freehold.

This game will be based off of the revised edition. A full listing of allowed books will be available soon.

Character Generation
A Drop box will be linked to this game all character sheets will be uploaded to the drop box for review before approval is granted.
A max of 10 points may be used for merits and flaws.
At this time players may only make Vampires and Garou, once I have re-familiarized myself with Mage I will open that option as well.

The World of Darkness has a Mature theme and may feature scenes of absolute nightmare. While in no way are illegal or violent acts promoted in the real world, in the world of darkness the shadows grow ever deeper and violence is around every corner.

This game will be using Wheaton's Law. Characters are not invincible and are not gods. Conflict between PC's can be detailed through cooperate story-telling via email, or if the players agree may use a die roller and the storyteller rule set to determine outcomes.

Use and Interaction with NPC's is allowed and encourage unless the intent is to enslave or kill the NPC. At which point remember Wheaton's Law and contact the controlling Player of the NPC. For people controlling NPC's remember the purpose of an NPC is to develop and further the story if you think that the death of the NPC brings something to the cohesive story allow it to happen, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be difficult.