College St; Harbord Village; 25 Nov 19, 845pm

Sid's mouth curved up in a cat-like grin. This was her favourite game. Catch the food with no hands. They'd been playing this for centuries. It was their oldest game. She nodded and headed into the cafe.

The entire cafe appeared to freeze for a moment when they walked in. Heads lifted and eyes turned their way. Sid had long forgotten the magnetism Vie cannot help but generate, but the affect it had on the crowd was not lost on her. This was the in she waited for.

She almost appeared to float, as she walked, each muscle movement controlled to be as smooth as possible creating an otherworldly effect. Sid cast a slight glance over her shoulder and saw Vie already had a few people approaching her, halting her continued movement through the cafe. She continued on her path, glancing around the room until she caught a pair of eyes. Dark brown, nearly black, she'd caught them and he couldn't look away.

He was handsome. Tall, and athletic with dark brown skin and dreadlocks that hung to his shoulders, half-collected in a hairband. Sid raised a corner of her mouth at him and raised an eyebrow. He gave her a slightly-astonished half-smile in return. She nodded, ever so slightly, to the restroom sign above a hallway at the back of the cafe, then turned and made her way to the restrooms.

At the front of the cafe, Vie found herself with too many choices. She had no choice but to stand still, one knee slightly bent, popping her hip out slightly, and her back arched lightly, lifting her chest and accentuating her ass. Several men, and a woman or two, had crowded around her, asking to buy her coffee for her as she mutely looked amongst them all, contemplating who she would choose as her target.

Sid leaned against the door frame to one of the restrooms, but straightened slightly when the stranger approached her. She reached her hand out to him, and he silently took it in his own, allowing her to pull him along as she took a step backwards into the bathroom. He closed the door behind her and she stepped close to him, capturing his eyes with her own as she ran her fingertips lightly up his pectoral muscle and stroked a finger along his neck, and then down across his lightly stubbled jaw. She ran her fingers over his lips, then took a step closer, closing distance between them. She could feel his elevated heart beat against her chest, felt him breathing against her.

The stranger lowered his mouth to hers, and Sid twisted her fingers into the hair at the back of his neck, locking in her grip on him as she pressed her lips to his. She grew almost dizzy at the thought of her drink, just moments away. Sid distantly wondered how Vie was getting on.

Sid parted her lips beneath his and used her tongue to trace the inner rim of his upper lip. She felt his sharp intake of breath and let her nails graze his scalp slightly. She felt him shudder in her grip and her eyes slid closed as she took a long, deep, smell of him. He smelled amazing - like something fresh but not without depth, and the slight metallic tang she craved. She could feel his pulse jump beneath her fingers and she pulled away with a slight grin, kissing along his jaw, and then to his neck.

She licked him lightly, then pressed a kiss to his neck, gently at first, and then sucked slightly at the skin there. He whined ever so slightly as he tilted his head away from, stretching his neck beneath her mouth. She couldn't wait any longer. She grasped him tightly and sunk her teeth into his neck. The rush of his adrenaline nearly blinded her and she shuddered slightly as hot blood ran over her tongue. She sucked away just enough to fully satiate herself, then licked along the bite marks she'd just made - closing them up, disappearing into the skin.

He looked stunned and blank as she pulled away from him.

"We had sex in the bathroom," she told him, maintaining eye contact. "It was the most amazing sex of your life, but don't tell anyone."

He nodded blankly, looking empty and confused. Sid left him to his own confusion and exited the bathroom on her own, running the back of her wrist across her mouth, just in case there was any mess. She felt electrified with his adrenaline rush, as if she was glowing from inside with the heat of it vibrating through her dead veins.

Sid walked back into the main section of the cafe and found Vie just as she'd left her - surrounded by too many suitors and unable to speak to any of them. She just stood, statuesque, amongst them, preening slightly, but unable to do much else. Sid snickered lightly to herself. More was not always better. Just usually.

She pressed through the group surrounding Vie and smiled in triumph.

"Well?" she asked, glancing to the door. "I got mine. Guess I win. Did you want to change your rules and have a drink, or do you wanna go?"

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