Wood Cabin, High Park, 25 Nov 19, 6:30pm

Nathan sits in his small wood cabin deep in the heart of High Park thinking about the moot coming the next day. He considers the words of the spirits and the guidance they offered on the coming moon.

New moon, new beginnings and changes tomorrow he would see if his decision to call the Get of Fenris was a boon or a bane to the Urban Harmony Sept. The Get were warriors first and foremost but the news of the loss of an entire pack of them saddened the Elder Glasswalker and when the air spirits he had bound to watch the corrupted Caern told him of the Get's survival Nathan knew that he could not sit idly by and let the last of them die.

He wondered what this new Garou, would bring to the Sept as a whole and to the individual packs that were it's members. He considered the history of the Sept and it's development:

The Sept was formed in the late 1870's as a way to safe haven the two Caern's in the Toronto area. The Sept of Urban Harmony is an urban sept controlled mainly by the Glass Walkers; Its range includes all of High Park. As the city grew it became increasingly important to maintain a balance of nature with the growing city. At present, the Sept of Urban Harmony is renown for its pursuit of balance. Balance between tribes, between nature and humanity and above all balance between the disparaging Triat.

Almost unprecedented is that most of the Caern is open to the public. Humans are allowed into the High Park to immerse themselves in nature and see that it's beauty is both inherent and must be protected. That being said those intent on causing mischief or damage quickly find themselves confronted by one of the Septs Guardians.

He mused about how this particular Get would fair with his tribe there had been both cooperation and bitter contention between different tribes before but hopefully like the Bone Gnawers and Fianna whom had joined the Sept, he too would find his place.

Shifting in his chair Nathan scratched at his beard and considered how the Get would react to the uneasy informal truce with the Sabbat of the area.

Nathan knew that the Sabbat leaders had no desire to rile up the Garou they had larger plans concerning the Anarchs and Camarilla and as long as the leeches stay out of High Park and any of the territory claimed directly by the Sept the "peace" remains. He also hoped it would never come to a direct confrontation between the two groups while the leeches were wyrm-tainted they were a lesser evil and were more interested in their individual aggrandizement then in corrupting Gaia. That and while in a one on one fight he would back any Garou over a Vampire the Vampire's were more numerous and could bolster their numbers extremely quickly.

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