Wood Cabin, High Park, 25 Nov 19, 7:00pm

Nathan walks through the woods of High Park to the Caern, as was his way he liked to prepare for rites and meetings before hand. He walked all the markers and milestones of the heart of the Sept and paid homage to the Totems as he passed.

Once he was certain that the Caern remained strong and no non-Garou had been permitted into this section of High Park, Nathan turned his scenes inwards and with a feeling like performing a flip changed his vision so that he perceived both the umbral and material at once.

Looking about he called a wind spirit to himself and passed it a message, "Tell Cyberwolf to remind the others of the Moot tomorrow."

With that done he turned his attention to the rites and rituals that the next day would bring ensuring that all would be ready.

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