Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 9 pm

Sneaky Dee's legendary for both its nachos and its late-night entertainment scene. An unimpressive looking two-storey building on the corner of College and Bathurst, music poured into the street from the open front door as Vie and Sid arrived.

Two bouncers stood outside the entryway, but as soon as they saw Vie, their jaws went slack and their eyes glazed over. She giggled as she walked past them without being ID'd and Sid laughed and shook her head as she followed her friend. They were presented two choices upon entering the building. A dark staircase, or entry into a luminous restaurant.

"The stairs," Sid volunteered, then followed when her friend agreed, wiggling her way up the stairs in her painted-on shorts.

Inside, it was dark and full of undulating bodies. A small stage sat to their right when they walked in, currently occupied by a tattooed young man singing karaoke along to a Modest Mouse song - the crowd had joined in and looked to be having a rowdy time.

Before them stretched a bar that took up most of the length of the long dark room. The bartender a tiny blonde woman who seemed unusually on top of her bartending. She took orders and as soon as her hands went below the bar with money, she seemed to pull a finished drink back up in her next movement.

As soon as they moved into the space, heads turned their way and surrounded them with onlookers.

"And here we are..." she said softly.

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