Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 9 pm

Vie moved into the undulating crowd like she was already part of it. Her body hitting the beat of the music and being carried by it. Room was made for her to dance her presence doing as much to pull eyes to her and keep them back in stunned awe as they watched her body writhe.

Vie dominated the center of the dance floor for a minute or two before she began drawing people out of the crowd to join her and get the dancing started again. She draws the women out first to get the party primed and once a score of gorgeous women are dancing together the men can't help but be drawn in.

Vie let's the music take her and blends with the crowd ramping their passions up. Who's to say if she kisses a neck to long or licks the inside of a wrist here and there; the bliss of her kiss and the light samplings just prove to inflate the sexual energy of the crowd.

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