Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 9 pm

Sid broke away from Vie, leaving the other vampire to do her own thing on the dance floor. She headed, instead, toward the coat room. She took a long look at the bar as she walked toward the back of the room. Impressive bar tending. Too impresive. There was more here than met the eye.

A body stopped her progress through the room and she was met with a pair of glazed brown eyes. A crooked-toothed smile accompanied the offer for a drink. A university student. His bravery wavered and he fidgeted slightly beneath her analytical gaze.

Sid lifted the corner of her mouth at him.

"How's about you get me a drink and I take my warm shit off?" she asked with a nod to the coat room and a slight gesture at herself.

Surrounded by near-steaming bodies, any mortal would feel too warm wearing a jacket and sweater here. Besides, she'd picked the outfit to wear, not to hide.

"Y-yeah okay," he said, and off he went to the bar.

Sid continued her progress, quicker now, through the room, handing her outerwear over to the pair of scantily clad, cheaply makeup'd coat check girls. She gave them a sweet smile and thanked them, handing over a crisp $5 in exchange for a coat tag.

The nervous student met her outside the coat room with a vodka red bull. She took it from him with a smile and thanks.

"Say... do you want to uh...?" She tilted her head to the men's restrooms.

The young man turned a slight shade of pink as he nodded eagerly and Sid giggled slightly before taking his hand and dragging him to the very back of the bar and into the men's room.

The bright yellow walls were covered in messages and graffiti from years of drunk bar patrons writing inane things upon them in sharpie. She picked an empty stall and pushed the guy in ahead of her, locking the stall behind them. She leaned past him slightly to set her drink down on the cistern of the toilet. Pulling back slightly, she lifted her oversized tshirt off her body and over her head, hanging it on the back of the stall door.

"What's your name?" she asked the student who stood before here, eyes wide and seemingly stuck to the black lace lingerie she wore.

"Uh... Travis?" he seemed utterly astonished. He hadn't actually expected any of this when he'd asked to buy her a drink.

"Travis," she said, and ran her hand across his cheek. "Cute."

Sid ran her thumb across his mouth, fusing his lips together. Travis' eyes went immediately from astonished arousal to abject terror.

"Do not make a sound," she commanded, looking him right in the eyes. "Do not move."

Sid leaned closer to him, lightly pulling at her finger nails, extending them into strong, razor sharp claws. She pushed his shirt up to expose his abdomen and then lightly ran her claws across his stomach, leaving light red trails.

"Now, Travis," she whispered against the shell of his ear. "This is an education. You seem to think you are worthy of my attention. It's very presumptuous of you."

Sid dug a claw into his abdomen, and felt his jaw drop against her face in a slient scream. She concentrated as she went, closing off veins and arteries, stemming the flow of blood and mess until she'd created a 8 inch laceration into his abdominal cavity. She had spent centuries studying anatomy and medicine, practicing and practicing until she could reliably do clean vivisections whenever she pleased.

"I have to give it to you," she whispered. "You have guts."

She chuckled to herself as she twisted her fingers around his viscera, pulling and twisting his innards about. She shuddered slightly against him, his agony causing her more pleasure than he could have ever hoped to provide her in any other way. She slid her hand in even further, feeling her way up to his pounding heart. She ran her fingers across it and pulled her face away so she could look at him.

"And now I have your heart," she said. Beads of sweat trickled down his brow and she could nearly smell the sickly sent of fear on the air. "Should I keep it?"

Sid grinned broadly at him.

"No. I think just a lesson for today," she told him, and slowly withdrew her hand, running fingers across his entrails as she went.

She used her powers to re-bond his flesh, leaving him whole and scarless.

Sid cleared her throat.

"Now," she said, looking him straight in the eyes. "This is the feeling that you will always remember when you even think about pulling above your weight in future. Although, as you'll be remembering it, I just laughed and walked away as soon as I saw your cock."

Sid wiped her hand on his shirt, shortened her nails, and put her own shirt back on before reaching for her drink. She turned her back to Travis and put some of her own blood into the vodka redbull he had given her.

"Oh," she said, and turned back to him just before leaving. "You can move and make noise now."

She quickly left and headed back to the coat room. Those girls probably knew all sorts of interesting shit. They might make good... friends.

"Hey, I thought maybe it gets kinda boring being stuck back here all night, so I got you guys a drink," she said and slid the drink across the counter to the girls. "Anyway, see ya."

Sid left with a winning smile cast over her shoulder, not caring too deeply if they had the drink or not. It wasn't as though she was going to drink it. She went back into the single cavernous room of the club to see how Vie was getting on.

And about that bar tender...

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