Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 9 pm

Vie looked up at the host as he introduced the evening; karaoke this could be interesting.

Then she felt the wave of awe splash over the crowd, she glanced around to see how many were drawn in, not everyone hmmm. Amateur.

Then he began to sing, he was good he had good command of the stage he could connect with the audience but he hadn't ensnared everyone he hadn't touched their hearts. He was there for the show and the attention not for the music. He was fake and soulless.

She made her way over to the sign up list and with a batting of her eyes and a light touch on a cheek; suddenly she was at the top of the list.

She scrolled through the computer to find the song ah yes perfect.

She let the crowd flow around her and take her back into its heart and waited for the troubadour to finish.

Max finished his set he was pleased with the results, he saw that the crowd had enjoyed his performance and he had picked out a few from the crowd that were already under his trance feeding and the after party were already assured but the night was young yet.

With an easy smile and a wink he summoned one of the ladies out of the crowd to join him near his setup. Looking at the que he preps the next song and grabs the mic.

"Alrighty boys and girls we have a treat for you now, we have Vie singing Cheap Thrills."

Vie rises out of the crowd onto the stage lifted there by a pair of her admirers, as the first cords of the song plays she strikes a pose and unleashes her AWE on the crowd.

Every single entity except one immediately falls under her spell with that simple pose. Then she starts to sing her voice striking to the core of everyone in the vicinity. As she begins to strut on the stage and with a gesture of her hand the crowd explodes into cheering and dancing.

She belts out the song mocking the Troubadour and imparting into the audience how the song defines him completely.

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