Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 9 pm

An unnatural surge went through her body like electricity. Almost involuntarily, Sid's head turned toward the stage. A young man stood on the stage, mesmerizing her with his every word. The pull to him was like a hook latched to her ribcage, urging her closer, closer. He was beautiful and enchanting. Even without using powers he would have been mesmerizing.

Even as she wanted him, she could tell what was happening to her. He was using awe. He must be a Toreador - certainly he was a band dude of some persuasion - and she was entirely powerless to stop the draw of him. Rage simmered lightly, deep beneath the heavy weight of her uncontrollable desire.

Sid pressed easily through the crowd, making her way to the thigh-height stage, closer - she had to be closer. She watched, enraptured as he sang.

When he was finished, he withdrew and ceased the use of his powers, and Sid blinked and then quickly withdrew from the stage in abject horror.

How dare he? She weaved her way through the crowd, going further to the back of the bar, and grabbed herself a glass of water from the end of the bar, holding it for something to do. She didn’t even notice how enraptured everyone was with Vie’s performance, so vexed she was by the whole affair. She had been avoiding such men for the bulk of her unlife and now she’d happened right upon one of them. Infuriating.

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