Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 9 pm

She must be a vampire, Max mused, as he stood, entranced and enraptured at the back of the stage, watching Vie sing.

She was beautiful, of course, but that voice... every single note perfectly struck and carried. The perfect vocal control of every single note - her voice seemed to float across all the chords. He couldn't move - he couldn't think. Just... music. Perfect music. The loveliest thing he'd ever heard. He could write poetry for centuries about that voice, he was sure.

The stunning silence seemed to dawn on him all at once and he shook his head to gather his surroundings. The stage was empty and the songbird had once again drawn back into the crowd. He shook his head once again, slightly absently, and looked down at his list. He cleared his throat lightly before announcing the next singer and their song.

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