Sneaky Dee's; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 1130 pm

Max looks down at the list and sighs. Twice. The first in wistfulness the song bird isn't on it still and the second one of deep suffering, Bear singing; Ride to Live, Live to Ride, shudder. Stepping onto the stage Max announces the next singer.

Bear hears his name and makes his way through the crowd towards the stage, people shy away from his passing he looks like he wants to break someones face but it's not his appearance that makes people move, there was an unsettling aura about the man, something that spoke to those closest to him, something that said I am going to eat you, RUN.

Bronwyn can see the crowd parting for the large biker she's seen his type before but the reaction from so many at once makes her wonder if this is the one Jorge was waiting for ... Just before Bronwyn can make up her mind about trying to get Jorge's attention her concentration is broken by the newest arrival to the club.

Sten had been wandering around for a few hours, he didn't want to go back to Andrew's just yet, he wanted to be alone. Well he wanted to not be with other Garou, the humans barely counted he just wanted a night to unwind an maybe let lose. He had heard a couple people talking about a great club nearby 'Sneaky Dee's'.

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