Ice time

Andrew started making preparations for the moot. Food and drinks needed to be ordered. Equipment needed to be collected and setup. Spirits needed to be addressed and dealt with. Cyberwolf would need to let him know which ones were needed. He would handle the cleansing rites on the stuff to make sure that there was not taint to defile the moot.

As he sat back in his chair and he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Why hadn’t he gone to law school, he thought. Just then a small man came skating onto his desk. Wearing a Maple Leaf Jersey and a Blue Jay's cap and carrying a hockey stick flicking a puck.
"Hey, you hosier! I've been reachin for like five minutes, Eh," came the voice with a mix of a Ontario and French Canadian accent. "You buzing or somethin?," the spirit asked. Andrew rubbed his eyes now. "You'z got to learn spirit speech," it said chiding him.

“Hello there,” he said, trying to keep calm. "What is up?"he asked the city spirit.

"Drinks-beer says that there are drugs coming into Harbour-Pier 35, tonight, Eh. From Asia, Don't you know," the spirit said. "I got to get to the rink before my beer gets warm," it said and then skated off the desk.

Drinks-beer was a Bone Gnawer Lupis that goes by "Nancy" in her homid form. She had a cell phone fetish that allowed her to send spirit messages. It was a gift one of the Caraen theurges. She was a wild fighter, but not good at manners. She was one of the homeless that wondered the harbor streets and alleys looking for food and other things of interest.

Andrew picked up the phone and started making some calls. If there were drugs, there was probably weapons. If there was weapons, there was probably money. Even the pot being smuggled in was laced with enough chemicals to kill a person. Not to mention the corrupted spirits that would infest the shipment and who ever used it.

His first message was to Cyberwolf to get her on the trail of Asian ships coming into the harbor. Next she started calling people who would be up for a little head bashing action. He figured their best bet was to borrow a tug boat and meet it in open waters of Lake Ontario. The veil needed to be protected.

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