Billy Bishop Airport; 25 Nov 19 1200 am

Sophie let one corner of her lips twist slightly in amusement as she watched William Bishop's reaction to herself and her companion. In seven-hundred years, the gleeful feeling she got upon noticing herself desired had never lessened nor disappeared.

Some intrinsic part of her being filled others with a carnal lust every time they caught sight of her. Aria could have everyone in her vicinity swooning and sighing, of course, but something about Sophie tended to send blood rushing south.

She slowly batted her lashes at Billy as she watched him shudder slightly upon their approach. She took the moments of broken contact to take note of the contents of the waiting room. Few people... shouldn't be much of an issue.

Upon reaching the head of their apparent welcoming committee, Sophie stopped and smiled warmly.

"William Bishop, at last," she said. "A pleasure."

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