Billy Bishop Airport; 25 Nov 19 1200 am

Thomas hovered as close to the trio as he dared, he desperately wanted to get closer but he could hear everything they said and could smell the perfume from the woman that had struck him so deeply.

He fought against himself the need to touch the woman outweighed by his duty to his Mistress she would never forgive him if he failed her by revealing himself.

And walking into the sun would be preferable to her displeasure.

He listened to their conversation and was suddenly shocked to his core when he heard the commands from the blonde to William.

She dominated William! He shouted in his head. Everyone knew Williams story the airport was named after him because of his war accomplishments he was over a hundred years old.

The blonde dominated William! he shrieked internally again she has to be older then him.

He smiled and luckily no one could see him for his smile caused revulsion in most onlookers. His mistress would be pleased with this information.

He continued to carefully follow the pair of women as they made their way out of the airport.

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