Bovine; Bar, Toronto; 25 Nov 19 1230 am

Sten carefully pulled out his cellphone he hated the thing to easy to track and so fuckin small he had broken a bunch of the damn things cheap fuckin plastic pieces of shit.

"Fuck", he growled, a text message.

He looked down at his hands more akin to mitts the phone was almost swallowed in his huge palm he hated texts it was incredibly difficult for him to reply the buttons were always so small. He was certain that the size of the phone was a trick being played on him but seeing as the pack gave him the phone each time he lost or broke one he had to accept.

He heaved an audible sigh of relief a mass text no need to respond. He read the message carefully and a sinister smile spread across his lips. He hoped it was new leeches, new meant no allies, no allies meant he could kill them.

Another curse escaped him, he was still thinking as if he were with the Wyld Hammer's. He better make his way to the Bovine and wait for any of the others to show and see if this was even anything.

He pushed his way through the front door of the Bovine and made his way through the crowd, the humans instinctively got out of his way. He moved to a small table near the back corner occupied by a four men deep in their drinks.

"You're in my seat" he growled.

One of the men replied "Fuck off" then gulped when he looked up at the brute that had spoken. "Right, right, sorry mate we're moving."

With his table clear Sten sat down and signaled for a drink.

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