Bovine; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 140 am

Claw watched, politely impassive, as the newcomer rudely grabbed the bottle of whisky they were sharing and began to drink it from the pouring nozzle that was still attached. There were things he could have said, but it wasn't in his nature to respond to rudeness with anything but well-practiced manners.

"Unfortunately, for now, more information is the true necessity."

Claw scratched his chin lightly and glanced over at the bottle of whisky, still in the stranger's hand. He glanced down to his own single shot before he picked it up and contemplated it.

"I'm Claw, as I assume you know," he said, raising the shot glass and then bringing it to his lips. He tilted his head back as he emptied the shot.

"But your face is new. Welcome to Toronto. What brings you?"

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