Andrew's Pad - Queen's Quay - Toronto - 11/25/2019 1:50 am

Andrew responded to Cyberwolf's text; "Home, I'll start researching those guests as well, I'll set up a couple Bots to do baseline stuff while I sleep."

He looked around his place it was a nice apartment on the 28th floor, two bedrooms a den and a kitchen was hard to beat even if it was one of the older buildings in the South Core neighborhood. The apartment was kinda dirty and unkempt at the moment due to the aftermath of his most recent house guests. He hoped that he wouldn't have to host an more wayward pups from the Caern for awhile.

He wandered into his den and looked over his work station, it wasn't nearly as impressive as Cyberwolf's. She had subverted an entire security company and made slaves of their servers to do her bidding after hours, but he was pleased with his custom rigs. He slid into his chair and cracked a mountain dew.

He setup the search bots first he didn't really expect they to find more then trivial information, something for him to start with when he started the search in earnest. But his priority was trying to break into the research files and see if the claims he'd heard that even were founded at all. This could take awhile but it wouldn't be the first time he'd pulled on all nighter on a project.

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