Andrew's Pad - Queen's Quay - Toronto - 11/25/2019 1:50 am

Andrew texted the pack when he got back to his flat in the South Core neighborhood. Cyberwolf would have seen his cellphone connect to his wifi, if she cared to look. His flat was nice sized. A two bedroom flat with a full bath, a kitchenette, a breakfast nook, and a large sun room on the south side of a building. He was on floor 28 out of thirty-five floors. The building was older, and the elevator slow. But he liked it. The apartment was decked out in late college fashion. An old leather couch that unfolded into a bed for company, a small coffee table which contained books and papers, normal kitchen and bedroom stuff. The sun room is where he spent most of his time. It had exercise equipment on the east side of the room, free weights and an exercise bike, on the west side of his room was his computer work space. Four monitors, two towers, a laptop, and a tablet. The towers were working on a projects for him. In the apartment, there were no mirrors and the mirror in the bathroom was covered with a dark sheet. To keep him from slipping over.

He had a spare bed room that was sparsely furnished . He spent most of his time in his den when he was home. He had room to spare for the times that the Carne sent guests his way or pack mates wanted to crash. His building was dog friendly.

The good part was most of money was coming from investments that he made in various startup companies and stocks. The day job that Cyberwolf helped him get helped keep him in food and Mountain Dew.

He sat back at the computer desk and started to search for information on the flight with the guests. He knew that if he fell asleep, something or someone would wake him up.

His neighbors were a couple in the early thirtys with two children, an eight year old girl and a six month old boy. On the other side was a single mother of a teenage boy. Across the hall was a couple near retirement who liked being in walking distance of the theaters and museums.

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