Bovine; Toronto; 25 Nov 19 150 am

Claw's phone buzzed lightly on his hip. He pulled it out and checked his messages. A text from Andrew - home. He nodded slightly to himself. Andrew would probably be a good housing option for the stranger while they looked into all of this. Claw was certain he could help with the investigations, as well. He sent Andrew a quick text, updating him on his stranger and current situation.

"I'm going to put you into contact with one of my pack. Andrew. He will be able to offer you a place to stay, as well as any assistance you should need," Claw said, waving Charlene over to the table once more.

Claw used Charlene's memo pad and pen to scribble out first his own name and contact details, and then Andrew's name, address, and contact details.

"You are more than welcome to stay until closing, and I am at your disposal should you need anything. But for now, I must return to my bar duties," Claw said, as he stood from the table, straightening his gangling form.

"By the way," he said, pausing mid-stride and turning back. "You never told me your name..."

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