Andrew's Pad - Queen's Quay - Toronto - 11/25/2019 3:10am

Sten seemed nice enough, so he let him sleep. He put clean towels out with blankets. Tomorrow he would tell him the couch pulled out so he could be comfortable.

Andrew rolled over and checked the message. He read the message and snorted. The flight plan might have gone all the way back to Russia, but that didn’t make sense to him. New York was only 20 minutes further and cheaper for that type of money. Any first year business student knew that from their international business class. Canada’s banking laws took a big bite of money coming into the country. You were capped at C$10000 ($7500 us) with out losing 15% and being fined. It was cumulative over the first three years.

The story stunk she had fed him like a skunk trapped in the back of a moving truck in August. He knew it and she probably did too. She had said to stand down, so who was he to argue.

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