Andrew's Pad - Queen's Quay - Toronto - 11/25/2019 12:30pm

Andrew showed up from his class and a meeting with some clients at the office. He had made his way back via the street cars. He stopped at the Asian Restaurant that he he frequented enough and bought the usual five boxes of food and two boxes of rice. It was enough to feed a wild pack of teenage boys for an evening. A pack of werewolves would go through the chicken and steak and be hungry by dinner time. He got extra just in case anyone else showed up to eat.

He wanted to have something that Sten would eat. Get's have a way of voicing their displeasure in ways Andrew did not care to receive. He also did not want to be accused of having poor hospitality, which could come back and hurt his reputation. Honor is important to werewolves.

Maybe they would go out an check out the town later. He would find out what Sten wanted to do.

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