The other adventurer

As the dog chewed on the food she'd given it, a figure approached the hut. Jackie had left the door wide open, so the man peered in, and then stepped inside out of the rain.

Jackie was quick in hiding the map behind her, in case this newcomer couldn't be trusted. But she recognised him from the ship, a shiphand named Jason Gresham.

"Mr Gresham" she greeted him. "The only other crewmember braving the storm!" She grinned.

As their entire mission on this island was for treasure hunting, she wasn't sure if she should share what she'd found with him. He might be looking only for his own personal gain.

But then, so was she. And there'd be no way she could get treasure back to the ship without anyone else seeing, so she knew at some point she'd have to share the bounty.

She laid the map down in front of them.

"This is where we are. There's a settlement here:" she pointed.
"But I think we should avoid that. It could be unsavoury types." although she mused on that. "Although it might contain a good ale house..."

She dismissed the thought. "Actually, let's stick to the mission."

She pointed to the are marked as "temple".

"Let's head here. It could be an Aztec temple, and you know what Aztecs are famous for Mr Gresham?" She asked with a grin.

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