Inner Chambers

Before Jason pushed passed the door into the base of the temple, his vision went hazy and he started to hear voices from within. It started with a cry that sounded like Kota, then he heard a man's voice speaking. "Come thief" the voice said. "Your companion is here."

Jason had been paralysed by the voice. Even though it beckoned him in, he was frozen by it. Then it was broken by a much closer sound. Something was moving on the other side of the door. Jackie's voice was calling his name.

Jason jumped through the door and saw Jackie hanging from the ceiling just a few paces down the hallway. She was caught in a net and Jason immediately took a knife from its sheath and walked towards the net. With his hand on the rope, he paused and looked at Jackie - she could know more about this than she was letting on, she could have information about his sister or even know where she was.

Standing with the knife in one hand and the rope of the net in the other, Jason heard another cry that sounded like the mutant dog Kota from further down into the temple.

"You ready?" He asked. Hoping to hide the indecision in his mind.

She nodded.

Jason cut the rope and Jackie lowered herself gently down to the ground.

"Alright, let's find that dog." Jason said.

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