In the darkness

Jason was acting a little strangely, which was a shame because Jackie was just starting to warm to him. But he had a drive to push forward, which Jackie appreciated, so they continued through the abandoned Aztec temple.

Or was it abandoned?

Ahead of them they heard noises. Possibly the whining of Kota, plus some other creatures.

The tunnel they walked down got darker, as the gaps in the ceiling ended. Only a green glow before them allowed them to see where to go.

Then, something appeared in the darkness. A glowing pair of red eyes, staring right at them.

Then another!

It was followed by a deep growl, and in the gloomy green light they could see the outline of two wolves.

"Mr Gresham, do you have any weapons on you?" Asked Jackie. She pulled out her flintlock pistol, which was deadly but only had one shot.

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