Fresh Water

Jason watched as Jackie collapsed to the ground before she could answer his question.

So much for my position of power. He thought That was my chance for answers. Now she knows that I have my own motives here.

Jason considered leaving on his own to search the island; but he couldn't help watch as Kota licked her face and cuddled up next to her. The only liquid they'd had since making landfall was a few sips of whiskey and he could tell that she was dehydrated. It was the first time he'd realized just how dehydrated he himself was.

Jason looked around the area. There was a village of some kind where the natives had come from. Not a group that he wanted to meet again - especially with the magic dog that they were so interested in. Jason looked past the village to the open ocean. That's not the kind of water we need. he thought outloud: mumbling to himself.

Then he remembered, the tavern from the map shouldn't be too far.

"Alright, Kota. We have to get moving." Jason said as he hoisted Jackie onto his shoulder. "She doesn't have a lot of time." He licked his dry lips. "I don't think any of us have much time."

Together, they made their way down the mountain.

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