When Jackie came too, her vision was blurred, but she could see that she was in a tavern of some sort.

She was sat upright, and Jason was trying to pour a tankard of not-entirely-clean water down her throat.

She snapped to full consciousness and pushed him away quickly. The tankard fell onto the table and the water splashed them all.

"Oh my god!" Said Jackie. ""What's going on?!"

Jason explained that he had to carry her down the hill to the small fishing port, where he found this tavern.

Jackie looked around. It was a tiny place that looked more like someone's house. A filthy house.

A burly man stood nearby, watching them. His arms were folded. "I hope yer going to pay for that now." He said angrily.

Jackie looked at Jason. "I don't have any money". She said.

He asked why, and she said "I left my purse in my quarters on the ship". She pointed out of the dirty window at the Salamanca, which was almost a dot on the horizon.

"I didn't realise we needed to bring any. I thought we'd be finding treasure."

"WELL I WANT PAYING!" The barman demanded loudly.

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