"Okay, time to go then." Said Jackie, making a quick exit. But quickly grabbing a bottle of rum before they left, which made the bartender even more angry.

They ran out of the small port, and up onto a clifftop, where the bartender gave up chasing them.

Out to see, they could see the Salamanca. Her sails folded, and a small rowboat coming from there towards them.

"Let's go meet that crewman." Said Jackie. "There might be a message from the Admiral."

As the rowboat came to shore, they greeted him and he handed them a note from the ship, before turning around and rowing back to the ship.

"It's a note from the Admiral" Jackie said, unwravelling it. "It says we have just one more day to find the treasure before the ship sets sail tomorrow morning."

Jackie looked at Jason. "We've got some treasure hunting to do!"

She unfolded the map she'd found. "Problem is.... where?"

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