Running Out of Options

Jason looked back and forth between the note from the Admiral and the map.

"One more day." He said more to himself than his companions. "What fate, I wonder, did the rest of our crew face on that beach?"

Jason turned to Jackie. "I hope that they made it back. Otherwise there could be others wandering around the island."

He looked at the map again, trying to focus on her question.

"The volcano didn't have any obvious structures around it; and I would be worried about the natives seeing us poke around. They might want to finish what they started. The temple could have hidden treasures; but again there are huge risks with those modified wolves running around and whatever crazed individual is controlling them. And the town, as we just discovered, is more prepared to take our riches than give us theirs."

Jason pondered for another moment, "Back through the woods, on the other side of the hut that I found you at, the map is completely empty. Maybe someone was looking for something and they marked off all of the places they had explored and not found anything. I'd be willing to bet that wherever the owner of that map ended up, it's on the other side of the island. Maybe they found what they were looking for and left without marking the map, or they met their untimely end. Either way that's where I vote we go exploring."

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