The skeleton

Jason's plan was sound. Whoever had made this map had probably been charting the parts they'd explored unsuccessfully.

They started walking to the area that hadn't been explored yet.

After a while of walking through the jungle, Kota picked up the scent of something.
He bounded off into dense trees, without looking back. Then started barking.

Jackie took out her machete and hacked through the dense undergrowth, and followed.

Kota was here, barking at a skeleton figure, slumped against a tree root. Kota started gnawing at the bones in his leg.

"I wonder what killed this man?" Jackie said, looking him over. The skeleton had rags of clothes clinging to him, a dirty sailors overcoat, and a tricorn hat.

Bursting out of the skeleton's stomach was a plant, which had a black flower. Jackie recognised it as deadly bindfruit.

Kota sniffed the plant, then growled.

"Stay away Kota!" Jackie said. "That plant is deadly bindfruit, it has a delicious fruit, like a pear. So tasty that it's very tempting to eat. But it's deadly because it grows inside you. This fellow must have eaten some."

In the skeleton's hand was a message in a bottle.

Jackie picked it up, and handed it to Jason. "Can you get this out and see what it says?"

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