Jason was hesitant when Jackie handed over the bottle. As intrigued as he was by a message scrolled up in a bottle, this particular bottle was just clutched in the hand of a dead man. A man who'd died a horrible death from poison no less.

Still, Jason didn't want to look weak, and Jackie was taking on the leading roll so naturally - protecting Kota. Anyway, what other options were there? Risk her life instead of his? He may not be an adventurer like Jackie or his lost sister, but it wasn't in him to bet someone else's life.

There was a third option; don't touch the note. Put the bottle back in the dead man's hand. Find the path that they'd run from at full speed. But they were here for treasure. And treasure hunters didn't leave behind obvious clues.

Jason fished the note out with his little finger and unrolled it.

"A piece of gold, for every star in the sky.
Tall tale told by a crew destined to die.
We all grow old chasing that lie.
Real treasure can't be sold, so I hid it in the Tiger's Eye"

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