Exhaustion Sets In

Jason followed in the direction that Jackie had directed, hoping that they'd find more clues soon. His legs were on fire from all of the running they'd done over the past 24 hours. His arms hung limp at his sides. His neck and his back ached from carrying around a backpack. Even his eyes hurt from being forced to stay open throughout this harrowing adventure.

Still, Jason pushed on, hoping to find his sister and a treasure trove of gold and gems. He'd let Jackie get away with not telling him after she fainted at the volcano; but he could tell that she knew more about his sister than she was letting on. Maybe they'd find her here living among the natives with her new found riches. He could hope at least.

Jason started to speak just as they were getting through a thick wall of under brush. "Hey, Jackie this is too much. I give..."

His words were cut off by the sense of awe that took over all of them as they gazed at the tree in front of them.

The tree glowed green and had a different colored fruit on each branch. The fruits glowed too and each one looked as if they'd been painstakingly polished. Some looked the same as the bindfruit that they had seen before. Other fruits looked like apples, peaches, and oranges. All glowing beautifully.

"What in God's name is that?" Jason asked.

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