The bush of savage destiny

Jackie's eyes grew wide as she saw the glowing tree.

"Ahh, there is certainly some voodoo magic at work on this island!" She said. Obviously not just the glowing green dog.

Jason asked if she'd seen this sort of tree before.

"This... be the Bush of savage destiny!" she announced.

"It looks more like a tree to me"

"This be the tall bush of savage destiny!" corrected Jackie. "I've seen it only once before. When I was a fresh young sailor."

Jason seemed eager to hear the stories about her previous sailing experience.

"I'll tell you a tale." she said, offering for him and the dog to sit. Jason perched on a log.

"This is a tale of two Captains of the same ship. Twin sisters they were. They shared the Captainly duties, and always vowed to share their bounty."

As she told the story, Jackie swung her cutlass around dramatically.

"And you were on their ship?" Jason asked.

"Aye. We saw a tree, almost identical to this one, the story goes that if you eat its fruit, you either get everything you ever wished for. Or..... certain death. One sister chose an apple, the other a pear."

Jason listened to the story.

"One sister had all her dreams come true. Fortune, a Husband, and a family living in high-society in London. The other, instant death. Just like the skeleton we saw back there. Dare we pick a fruit?"

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