The fruit bringeth

Things were getting tense. Jackie plucked a fruit, it looked juicy and delicious.

Her mouth watered.

Jason watched on with curiosity, and so did the dog.

Jackie so wanted the fruit to bring her good luck and make her entire dreams come true. It was 50/50 whether it did, or she died right here on the island.

Her ears buzzed. Do it, or don't do it?

She looked at Jason. He didn't seem to recommend either option.

She looked back at the fruit. Should she...?

"Sod it. Why not?" she shrugged. "Go for it!"

She was ready to bite down on the apple, but then a noise in the distance caught her attention and made her stop.

It was the voice of a man calling for help.

They both ran down to the beach, where they found a young man washed up on the shore.

Jackie helped him up.

"What's your name?"

"I don't know" said the man.

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