My name?

He'd woken when a wave splashed his face. He was lashed to a broken piece of timber, a piece of a ship mast maybe he thought. He panicked... death was reaching out for him. His bonds made it hard to move, he could only see all in front of him and not behind. All he saw was open seas.

It seemed pointless to scream, but he did anyway... "HELP!!"

Then he felt his feet scrape something... sand?! Was he near shore? Even a sandbar or single rock would be a blessing to find. "HELP!!!" he screamed again, louder this time.

He heard voices, several, some men and at least one woman. He felt slender hands take hold of him and pull him toward shore and he saw a beach around him. His bonds were cut and he was pulled to his feet.

"What's your name?" the woman said. She was dressed as a sailor yet not in a uniform.

"My name?...I...I don't know" said the man.

Everyone was slack jawed at the comment.

"I came to but a few minutes ago, bound to that piece of mast, and floating in the sea...," he ran his fingers through his hair and winced at a wound on his head. "I... don't remember.... anything."

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