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Summary: The best part of my job is that the chair I sit in swivels.

Daria Wainsright

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Gender: f

Age: 25

Group: Crew

Job & Rank

Security Officer, Lieutenant

Physical Appearance

Fiery red hair, fair skin and a temper to match. Athletic build which compliments her short stature. It is rumored she has a birthmark...a girl will never tell.

Personality and history

Can be deceptively ignorant at times in order to throw off the masses. Despite that she is a competent officer who knows her job. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, her parents raised her to be a consummate Southern Belle. Although they were shocked when rather than pursuing being a pageant Queen she enrolled at Union Point and successfully graduated and was posted for a year on the USS Potomac as Ensign then she was promoted and reassigned to the Orville.

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