More Questions

Captain Cusworth was looking for answers, and Marci didn't have any.

Admitting defeat, however, was not an experience she wanted to have. "Well," she started, looking down at the notes on her tablet. "Well, the two transmissions really had me perplexed." Marci said. "The transmissions were both sent out at random frequencies and in languages that aren't represented in the fleet's references." She paused. Marci did not want to make any conclusions that she wasn't sure about; but the Captain was asking her for information. "At first," she continued, "I thought it was two separate languages from different sources. But the timestamps are only moments apart and they come from the exact same location."

"No one would have ever received these if we hadn't searched for them. And it almost sounds like the snippets of a conversation being had while someone pushed buttons on the communications console." Marci said. "Captain, there is a chance that what they discovered had nothing to do with the telescope. That there is an unknown species at the base and that species somehow got access to the communications systems."

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