After a couple more hours, Marci had what she needed for the Captain's task.

She had scanned the immediate area and removed all sequences that were known to be human or any other alien species that was supposed to be there. At the end, she had only one sequence. It had to be the little aliens. She hadn't expected it to be so simple. There should have been animal DNA or something else included. Even food particles should be present and those would be picked up on her scanners - of course she would have just excluded those from her search; but it was odd that things were so clean.

Marci looked around at the room she was in. She had been so amazed by the equipment that she hadn't even noticed the massive steel doors between each section of the outpost. The entrance to where she was standing had a two door lock system with a clean room in the center that should have been closed up when she came in.

They sure went through a lot to make this into a clean room. Marci thought. But why? The telescopes are important pieces of equipment, but nothing to warrant this level of protection.

Marci's train of thought was cut short by a beeping on her tablet. She had set it to search for the DNA sequence while she looked around. She didn't expect it to find something so quickly. The system was set to give off a simple chiming sound when a source for the DNA was found. The chimes were coming in one after another to create a continuous beeping like a bored child discovering a door bell for the first time.

Marci looked down at her tablet and couldn't believe her eyes. The entire screen was lit up with lifeforms... All right beneath their feet.

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