"Hmm, if you saw the creatures on the cameras, they must have had a way to get in easily. Probably nearer than those hills. Especially if they're as small as you say."

Captain Cusworth looked around. "Let's have a closer look, move some things. Remember, these creatures are small, so they might be able to get through the smallest of openings."

After a few minutes of searching the room, Carly lifted some boxes and found a hole underneath. Small, sort of like a rabbit hole.

"Gotcha!" Carly said.
Marci pointed out that it's far too small for the scientists to have gone down.

"Good point.... but..." Carly shrugged, then got her weapon out, and started firing.

Carly didn't turn around to see Carly,'s face, but she assumed it was one of disapproval.

After a few blasts at the hole, it was larger, but still not large enough for a person to fit inside.

Just then, the sand moved and a tiny figure pushed himself out of it, coughing and spluttering.

"What the hell are you doing? This is our home down here!!" He yelled at the Humans, many times his size.

"Oh, sorry." Said Carly, and introduced herself. "We're looking for some kidnapped scientists, have you seen-"

The tiny man sighed. "Why don't you use the elevator if you want to come down?"

Carly and Marci looked at each other. "Elevator?"

"That door there!" The tiny man squeaked.

They both had no idea that was an elevator.
"There's no elevator sign on it!" Said Carly. "I just assumed it was someone's locked cabin"

Embarrassed, they both opened the elevator door, and pressed the button to descend.

The elevator went downwards. It felt new. "The scientists must have built this. Which means they must have known about these creatures."

The door opened into the tiny city.

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