The tiny city

As the elevator door opened, Carly gasped.

"Oh my gosh, it's so cute!" She said, covering her mouth.

She stepped out, and over a small set of tiny action-man sized construction vehicles, who were digging out more rock to make their cavern larger.

They then stepped over a road, where a few toy-sized cars were beeping at each other.

They then stepped into a town, where the tallest building was a skyscraper just taller than she was.

Carly accidentally stepped into the road, and a motorcyclist turned and skidded.

"Oi, watch yourself!" he said, shaking his fist up at them.

"The people don't seem too shocked that we're here." Carly said to Marci. "Almost like they've seen Humans before."

Marci suggested maybe they should find the missing scientists.

Carly bent down to take a closer look at a small window cleaner, on a carriage winched halfway down the person-sized skyscraper. He noticed her giant reflection in the windows, and turned around.

"Hello, we're looking for some people. Scientists."

The window cleaner said nothing.

"Same size as us?"

The cleaner nodded in understanding and pointed in a direction across the miniature city.

"A few miles that way. I'd normally recommend getting the bus, but you can probably walk there in a few minutes!" he chuckled.

"Okay then, let's go. I'm wondering what these scientists have been doing all this time." Said Carly.

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