Marci Mable watched closely as the Chief Communications officer approached the Captain. This was the officer that she was assigned to and she planned to learn everything there was to know about the job before the ship lifted off.

If she was going to learn anything, though, Mable doubted that it would be from this babbling fool. The officer had obviously never worked under a strong female Captain before and he was stumbling to keep up with the change. Mable watched in quiet disbelief at the trouble that this Communications Officer had with a simple message.

As Captain Cusworth moved towards the Captains office, Mable took her position next to the Officer by the office door. Obviously she was not privy to the conversation that was going to happen inside. The Officer became a statue as soon as the door was closed and Marci took out her handheld computer.

The Captain obviously had a speech prepared, and Marci had no intention of stepping on her toes on the first day. Still, the looks on the crews faces told a specific story and it wasn't positive. They needed direction and confidence. A captain that was being pulled away by the Admiral and Officers standing around in silent stoicism wasn't helping.

As she typed, an automated voice came over the ship's speakers in a friendly but authoritative tone.

"All personnel of the USS Wright, please report to your supervising Officers on the main deck to be assigned your first tasks." The voice said. "Your captain will reconvene the crew at 11 hundred hours to check that all systems are go and to introduce herself to the crew."

Marci was nervous about being so forward as to schedule the speech; but her Captain had other things on her mind.

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