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Summary: The Villain with one for all

Rishiro Otaku

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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Villain

Hero / Villain name



One for all (given)

Crow Control (born with)

Quirk Explaination

One for all
Gives his much strengh, but you can hurt yourself, if you use it to strong

Crow Control
You can speak with crows and control them

Physical Appearance

Black-red suit

Personality and interests

Is nothing like a hero since his parents died


He got the Quirk "One For All" from Deku and one month later his parents were killed by an accident from a hero. From this day he don't wanted to be a hero anymore and is a Villain from now on

Favourite Sayings

Go out of my way or I'll end your life right now

Idol (if he/she has one)

He doesn't has a idol

Which grade (if student)

None, because he isn't a student

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